Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout, is it Good? Detailed Review!

Beyond Raw LID - Pre-workout supplements review
Alex Platt

08/27/2020 · 11 min reading

Alright! Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout is it Good, Awesome, or Bad?

I’m glad, I’ve got a chance to review this one in such detail. Right from the get-go, LIT is good for beginner trainees or for someone looking to start using pre-workout supplements.

When you use a pre-workout supplement, it can help give you that boost of energy you are looking for to be active and stay active.

I know for a fact, it can be hard to know what kind of pre-workout supplement is the best, so here I’ve got a detailed review with facts, how-tos, tips, and a bunch of other info to help you find out if LIT is one for you?

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Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout Quick Overview

As I mentioned earlier, LIT is more suitable for pre-workout beginners. It has a normal caffeine dosage and overall fairly simple formula. It will definitely give energy and focus.

Note: Not the best choice for real pros, and we are talking years of workout experience, blood, and tears.

Overall Rating
7.5 / 10

Ingredients: 7 / 10
Taste: 9 / 10
Quality: 7 / 10
Price: 7 / 10


  • 15 calories
  • Good energy boost
  • Has 3 grams of citrulline
  • Good caffeine dosage
  • No proprietary blends
  • Very Tasty


  • No BCAAs
  • Reduced essential ingredients
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Not for pros
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Things to consider before buying a Pre-Workout Supplement

What are pre-workout supplements?

A pre-workout supplement is a dietary formula featuring multiple ingredients that were designed to boost your energy and improve your athletic performance. Typically a powdered substance, you mix the pre-workout supplement powder in water and drink it before you exercise. There are tons of these products on the market, but typically a pre-workout supplement will include caffeine, B-vitamins, artificial sweeteners, and amino acids, but the quantities of each ingredient will depend on the brand. Since there is no set list of ingredients, it’s important to know what ingredients to look to help improve your athletic performance.

Nitric oxide precursors – Nitric Oxide is produced naturally by your body to improve blood flow and relax blood vessels. You will find many of the common compounds that are used by your body to make nitric oxide in a pre-workout supplement including L-citrulline and L-arginine. It has been found by some studies that these compounds will help to boost nutrient and oxygen transport to your muscle and thus enhance your athletic performance.

Caffeine – Used frequently in pre-workout supplements, caffeine is a good way to increase focus and energy levels. One of the more popular stimulants on the market, it is widely known that caffeine can improve memory, mental alertness, fat burning, and exercise performance.

Creatine – A chemical compound that is produced naturally in your body, creatine is stored primarily in your skeletal muscle where it helps to produce energy and strengthens muscles. Often found in pre-workout formulas, creatine is also sold as its own supplement and is popular with bodybuilders, weightlifters, and power athletes. It’s been found that supplementing with creatine will help to improve exercise performance, strength, muscle mass, and recovery time.

Beyond Raw LIT

Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout Review

With a seven-ingredient formula, the LIT Pre-Workout is part of a specific line that falls under the GNC brand.

This is a clinically dosed pre-workout product that helps you to get through extreme workouts. With its concentrated formula, this product targets nitric oxide support, intense energy, and mental alertness by using a fully dosed formula.

Who Makes It?

Line of Beyond Raw supplements is exclusively owned by GNC brand with head office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. GNC opened their doors since 1935 and have six thousand plus locations.

Pre-Workout LIT is a new formula and a replacement to the former Savage supplement. You can say LIT is an upgraded version of Savage pre-workout. GNC is actively promoting LIT and Raw Lit AF as pre-workout products to increase your energy levels.

LIT ranking factors:

While LIT is officially a pre-workout supplement, you can also take it on non-workout days since it was created to boost focus and energy. This sugar and gluten-free formula uses proven ingredients that include caffeine for better focus and energy, creatine to increase energy in your muscles, L-citrulline to help improve muscle pumps and vascularity, as well as carnosine to help delay fatigue.

Ingredients: 7/10

Energy: 7/10

Strength: 7/10

Endurance: 7/10

Taste: 9/10

Price: 7/10

This effective formula not only helps to support workouts but maximizes your ability to get the best results through extreme energy and mental alertness. Designed to supercharge your energy levels, this is a great product for those that work out daily.

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Beyond Raw LIT Pre-workout Benefits

This well-caffeinated pre-workout formula gives you all the energy you need to improve your training performance. LIT Pre-workout has a great taste thanks to the added four grams of carbs. When you mix it will natural and artificial flavor, you don’t get that chalky taste that you often find with a pre-workout formula.

Thanks to the use of L-citrulline, LIT will help to increase the blood flow as you train, which also helps to pump oxygen into your muscles. L-citrulline will turn into I-arginine when it’s in your bloodstream to create nitric oxide. Not only does nitric oxide increase your blood flow, but it is also important in the health of your blood vessels.

With clinically-dosed ingredients, LIT uses both traditional and non-traditional ingredients to take your workout to the next level. It will also help to keep your mind sharp and alleviate mental fatigue. Using ingredients that are scientifically proven, LIT Pre-Workout helps you to build lean muscles, boost blood circulation, and increase your body’s metabolic rate while converting fats int energy. throughout your body for giving you more energy.

Beyond Raw LIT

LIT Pre-Workout Ingredients

There are seven main ingredients in the LIT AF Pre-workout supplement:

Beta-Alanine (3.2 grams) – Known for giving you that tingling in your mouth, this ingredient is primarily used to control muscle acidity that can lead to stronger endurance.

Micronized Creatine (1.5 grams) – Micronized creatine is like caffeine in that it can give you an incredible boost of energy.

Caffeine (250 mg)- An important part of any pre-workout supplement, fast-working caffeine is an incredible source of energy. In this formula, it has a reasonable dosage level when you compare it to other products.

ElevATP (150 mg) – This ingredient is a type of non-toxic mushroom that is designed to help your body resist physical stress.

NeuroFactor (100 mg)– This product is a special coffee extract that is designed to protect you from nerve cell damage.

L-Citrulline (3 grams)– This ingredient stimulates nitric oxide, which helps to improve your blood flow.

Nitrosigine (1.5 grams)– This is another nitric oxide stimulant.

LIT Pre-Workout Supplement Facts

Beyond Raw LIT Side Effects

LIT formula is fairly safe and clean, so generally side effects are very low to non-existent. For inexperienced users, caffeine and beta-alanine might raise some somewhat unpleasant feelings.

Caffeine: If you are not used to drinking coffee and therefore consuming Caffeine regularly, it can cause an increased heart rate, can be the source of a headache and might affect your sleep.

Beta-alanine: beta-alanine might give you a tickling or itching sensation, due to muscle saturation with beta-alanine

Well if you compare it to serious hardcore pre workout supplements. Beyond Raw LIT is peaches!

Does LIT Pre-Workout Work?

LIT Pre-Workout has received a lot of positive reviews from users. It provides many ‘pumped up’ and ‘feel-good’ effects and is well-received by weightlifters and bodybuilders. The feeling of euphoria is possibly an effect of the nitric oxide in the formula, which can be a nice boost as you work out.

The inclusion of caffeine makes this product a good fat burner as well. LIT Pre-Workout also helps to boost metabolism rates and convert stored fat into energy that your body can use. With increased energy levels, many users are able to handle more intense workouts that help them to meet and surpass their fitness goals.

Who is LIT Best For?

LIT is more appropriate for beginner to intermediate trainees looking for that extra focus and energy boost and for those who have not tried any pre-workout supplements yet, LIT would a great start! Experienced gym guys and trainers might want to look for other alternatives.

Over many websites, users of Beyond Raw LIT reported a clearer focus and didn’t crash a few hours later. Pretty much all users felt an energy boost that just diminished and then faded away as well as pumps that were full, consistent, and dense. Overall, users reported very good lift as well as good effects on low and medium rep ranges.

How to take LIT pre workout?

LIT is a very simple pre workout supplement. So, there is no right or wrong here as long as take it before the actual workout. For best performance, take 30 minutes before exercising.


Beyond Raw Lit has five tasty flavors for your convenience

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Gummy Worm – most popular
  • Icy Fireworks
  • Strawberry Lemonade

Number of Servings

One container of Beyond Raw LIT has 30 Servings. Serving size is one scoop, roughly 13.63g

Where to buy LIT pre workout?

LIT pre workout can be purchased in any local GNC Vitamin & supplements store near you. You might also find it in your local specialized supplements stores.

But, the fasted and easiest is usually from online vendors such as Amazon or eBay as well as from GNC directly.

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Based on the official information on the manufacturer’s website, LIT pre workout costs: $39.99

LIT is also available as a drink in a can

GNC developed and released a ready to drink (aka RTD) solution of Beyond RAW LIT for your convenience and ease of use. Compared to other pre-workout RTDs, GNC did a pretty good job. If you are looking to try it in liquid, it will definitely worth your while!

  • Beta-Alanine – 3.2g
  • L-Arginine – 1.5g
  • L-Citrulline – 3g
  • Additonal stimulants

LIT pre workout customer reviews and thoughts.

Below, I picked out some reviews by other customers who have tried LIT pre workout. To sum it up, the overall opinion is that Beyond Raw LIT is a great supplement for someone who is starting out with pre workout supps. It defenetly help you with workout performance and gives you focus and energy.

Taylor W
on in December 2018


“I love and hate this preworkout. I’m a 5’8 165lb female and can’t take even half a scoop because of the face/hand prickly, flushy feeling (all scientific terms) are way too much. It does make a difference in my weight lifting performance as I lift more and last longer. I will say it’s the best preworkout I’ve tried but there’s no way it can be good for you.”

on in June 2018

Candy is good for you.

“Effictiveness? Off the charts. I work as an order selector and days can easily get into the double digit hours. This helps keep me going all day. Energy that sustains and lasts. No peaks and then a crash. Ive found that to enhance this even better ive used the anabolic sleep pills thatbeyond raw sells in order to get a great sleep and work another double digit hour day. Theres so much more i could say about it, but when it comes down to it you have to try it. Do it. Candy is good for you. “

Joshua Sunanday
on in June 2017

Start tingling in 20 mins and get to work. …

“Start tingling in 20 mins and get to work. This is the first pre that I’ve bought in over 2 years. It works “

Similar products overview



A good choice for an all-around pre-workout supplement, Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged is able to support pretty much any type of workout. It contains a high amount of caffeine as well as creatine, betaine, citrulline, and beta-alanine as well as other workout boosting ingredients. Pre-Kaged also includes tyrosine to give you better focus as well as a branched chain of amino acids that makes exercising easier when you have an empty stomach and to help you retain muscle. Pre Kaged Review

Pre-Kaged also uses real vegetables to give you some antioxidants that can reduce cellular damage as you exercise. This is a great tasting product that will help you with focus, endurance, and power. However, it is pretty expensive and not a good choice if you are sensitive to caffeine.

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2 Yeah Buddy

Yeah Buddy

With 420 mg of caffeine, Yeah Buddy is a strong pre-workout supplement. On top of that, Yeah Buddy features 100 mg of Dynamine and 40 mg of TeaCrine that are both similar to caffeine, but dissipate and act more slowly. You also get an ingredient blend that includes Encapfeine that is a form of caffeine as well, which is designed to slowly release throughout your workout preventing a big crash later. Yeah Buddy Review

This pre-workout supplement tastes great and is a great choice for those looking for the biggest hit of caffeine that they can get, or someone that wants a product where the caffeine dissipates slowly to avoid crashing. However, Yeah Buddy is not a good choice for anyone that doesn’t like a large dose of caffeine.

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3 Legion Pulse

Legion Pulse

Creating more blood flow, Legion Pulse has the highest dose of citrulline among pre-workout supplements at eight grams a serving, Citrulline has been linked to improved nitric oxide production and blood flow, which give you solid muscle pumps. It also has a good amount of sodium that can help to pull water into your muscles.

This is a great choice for those that want to avoid artificial ingredients, and it is the best choice if you are looking for a large dose of citrulline. However, there are many that find the 350 mg of caffeine a bit too strong.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re like me and need an extra push during your workout, using a pre-workout supplement can be a great choice. LIT is able to provide that focus and extra energy boost you need from a pre-workout supplement to maximize your workout. With its great taste and ability to burn fat, this is a well-reviewed product that users love. Click here to check Beyond Raw LIT out.

Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout Review
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