10 Best Protein Chips. Guide and Reviews

Top 10 Best Protein Chips
Alex Platt

08/25/2020 · 12 min reading

Believe it or not, chips that have protein in them are really a thing. Not only do they add protein to a fun snack food, but they replace most of the carbs in the chips as well. You can also find some pretty tasty chips with protein that retain that satisfying crunch everyone wants in snack food. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best protein chips to satisfy your cravings.

What are protein chips for?

Craving Control

High protein chips are a great way to trick your cravings, which can be a huge threat to your diet. Giving you the same basic taste and crunch of a potato chip, you just don’t get the extra carbs as well. This is an excellent way to neutralize your cravings and provide a healthier substitution item.

Protein Source

While they may not meet your overall daily protein goal, high protein chips are a great way to help you achieve them. While these chips may not be your daily source of protein, they are a great option for the healthy occasional, or lunchtime source of protein.

Easy to take with you

It’s really not common to find pre-packaged food that is high in protein. Protein chips are very portable and perfect to add to your lunch. They are a great alternative to high-protein drinks that are also easy to take with you anywhere.

Where to buy Protein Chips?

If you are wondering where to buy protein chips, you will be surprised to find that they are available online or at your local grocery store or pharmacy. These healthy snacks are pretty easy to find, so you shouldn’t have a problem adding them to your diet.

What are Protein Chips made of?

Milk and Whey Protein

Many of these chips will use a form of whey protein concentrate, which can help improve muscle growth and strength. Some chips will use whey protein concentrate as the main ingredient while other chips will use cheddar cheese as its source of protein.

Egg whites

Egg white is another protein alternative. This is a great choice for those with milk allergies.

Pea or Soy Protein

For anyone that wants a plant-based high protein is also vegan, these chips made from peas are a great choice. They can provide you up to 15 grams of protein is just 28 grams of chips. Other types of plant-based chips are made from soybeans.

Cornmeal or Cornstarch

Some of these chips will use corn as the main ingredient to give their chips a bit more bulk.

Potato Meal

Some brands use potato starch, potato flakes, or rice flour in their chips, which will give you 10 grams of protein in one 34-gram serving.

What to Look for in a High Protein Chip

When choosing chips with low-calories and high protein, look for the following:

  • Individual and small portions that will prevent you from eating an entire bag.
  • Baked chips versus fried chips are the smarter choice.
  • Great taste with flavors that you like, so you will eat them.
  • Ingredients that are healthy and good for you.
  • Low amounts of sodium because it is always important to keep your sodium levels down.

Top 10 Best Protein Chips Reviews

1 Quest Chips

Quest Chips
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Revolutionizing snack food, Quest Chips have a savory flavor that is always baked and never fried. These delicious chips not only have an improved test, but they give you more protein in each bite. With their crunchy texture, you won’t be able to believe these are healthy chips.

Featuring 4 grams of net carbs and 18 grams of protein, Quest Chips are made of high-quality milk whey and milk protein isolates. According to Quest Protein Chips reviews gluten-free chips come in an eight pack, so they are easy to take with you and munch on during the day.


  • They are gluten-free
  • These chips are crunchy and taste good
  • They come in handy packs for lunches


  • They are pretty brittle and break easily
  • The chips are too spicy and sour

2 Protes Vegan Baked Chips

Protes Vegan Baked Chips
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Plant-based protein never tasted so good! Protes Vegan Baked Chips are a delicious and low-carb way to satisfy your snack cravings. Perfect for a daily protein boost, or something to munch on at school, in the office, or when you are watching tv at home.

Featuring several flavors, these chips can be eaten right out of the bag or paired with guacamole, salsa, or hummus. Each serving of Protes Vegan Baked Chips gives you 15 grams of protein. Made with pea protein that is rich in amino acids, these chips also contain sunflower oil and are low in fat, calories, and carbs while also being vegan, GMO, and gluten-free.

Helping to make your lifestyle more fun and healthier, Protes Vegan Baked Chips are a simple way to extra protein to your diet while enjoying a delicious snack. Whether you are just trying to live a healthy lifestyle or are an athlete, these chips are ideal for anyone that cares about the snacks that they put in their body.


  • They are great to add to your diet
  • These chips are made with plant-based protein
  • You can use them with dips


  • They are pretty dry tasting
  • These chips don’t have the best taste

3 Wholesome Provisions Muscle Chips

Wholesome Provisions Muscle Chips
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Low cab and high protein, these plain tortilla chips are both a healthy and high-performance snack. The Wholesome Provisions Muscle Chips are one of the first of its kind and are perfect for athletes, bodybuilder, low carbers, or anyone that loves chips. Baked, not fried, these chips are a time-honored snack that tastes just like the less healthy version.

Perfect right out of the bag or with dip, the Wholesome Provisions Muscle Chips are versatile and can also be used as a salad topper for a little more crunch. With 13 grams of protein, these chips are diabetic and keto-friendly and only contain 5 grams of net carbs. These convenient, tasty, and easy to take with you snacks are also high in fiber containing 5 grams of fiber as well.


  • These chips are baked and high in fiber
  • They are versatile and easy to take for lunch
  • These chips are healthy for diabetics and keto-friendly


  • Just a few will take you over your carb allowance for the day
  • They are on the expensive side

4 Simply Protein Crunchy Bites

Simply Protein Crunchy Bites
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Crunchy and clean, the Simple Protein Crunch Bites comes with a great barbecue flavor that is delicious and savory. Not only are they satisfying, but they are also a nutritious snack that is a great balance between satisfying protein and clean ingredients. With their crunchy texture and savory flavor, they will gratify any salty snack cravings.

Made with non-GMO ingredients, Simply Protein Crunchy Bites reduce their ecological footprint and are a great option for snacking throughout the day. Made with plant-based pea protein, these chips have a savory barbecue seasoning and a crunchy texture making them perfect for snacking at school, work, or while watching television.

A great fiber source, Simply Protein Crunchy Bites are only 140 calories and provide 15 grams of protein. These gluten-free chips are low fat and contain less than 4 grams of sugar and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This is a healthy snack that is great for busy people and will help you maintain a long-lasting energy level throughout the day.


  • A good source of fiber
  • These chips are low in calories and sugar
  • They give you a lot of energy through the day while keeping your feeling full


  • The bags and portions are too small
  • They are on the expensive side

5 Genius Gourmet Protein Keto Chips

Genius Gourmet Protein Keto Chips
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If you want to maintain a ketogenic diet, the Genius Gourmet Protein Keto Chips are worth checking out. Every bag contains only three grams of net carbs and less than a gram of sugar. You get eight grams of protein and up to two grams of fiber. These great-tasting chips are a healthy low carb snack that is perfect for anyone that is on the go.

Containing high-quality ingredients, the Genius Gourmet Protein Keto Chips will satisfy your cravings throughout the day whether you are at school or the office. Providing energy when you need it, these chips are the perfect low-carb keto snack.


  • These chips taste really good
  • They work well with a keto diet
  • A bag of these chips really satisfy cravings during the day


  • A bag of these chips really satisfy cravings during the day
  • They tend to give people gas

6 Enlightened Bada Bean Bada Boom

Enlightened Bada Bean Bada Boom
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Featuring plant-based protein, Enlightened Bada Bean Bada Boom Chips have a satisfying, bold, and crunch taste. Made from fava beans, they are seasoned and roasted to perfection making snacking simple. With great crunch and flavor, these nutritious chips are great for a snack or as a salad topper.

Using simple ingredients, Enlightened Bada Bean Bada Boom is filled with four times the protein and five times the fiber with only 1/3 of the fat you would find in potato chips. Containing rice flour and heart-healthy sunflower oil, these non-FMO chips come in seven bold flavors including Spicy Wasabi and Sweet Cinnamon. Perfect for a snack, these chips come in handy 100-calorie packs for school, work, or sitting on the couch.

Low in fat and sugar, the Enlightened Bada Bean Bada Boom chips are gluten-free and are made with no saturated fat or cholesterol. These chips are high in plant-based protein while still providing that satisfying crunch you crave.


  • They have great savory flavors
  • These chips are not too salty and have a nice crunch
  • They are made of beans, which is a good protein source


  • The sweet-flavored chips have a bad artificial sweetener taste
  • Some of the pieces are pretty hard

7 Vega Crisps

Vega Crisps
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Containing 15 grams of protein, Vega Chips are available in garlic & herb and sweet chili flavors. This plant-based chip is made with brown rice and pea protein making them free of artificial preservatives and flavors. Plus, they have the crunch and crisp that you crave in a good chip.

With a bold taste, Vega Chips come in handy single-serving packs so you can snack on them throughout the day. These chips are gluten-free and vegan certified. They do not contain GMOs or dairy products allowing you to satisfy your chip craving in a safe and healthy way.


  • These chips are vegan certified
  • They are made with plant-based protein
  • They have nice flavors you won’t get sick of


  • They are a little on the expensive side
  • They are too salty for some users

8 PopCorners Flex Chips

PopCorners Flex Chips
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Full of flavor and air-popped, PopCorners Flex Chips come in a pack making them perfect to take to the office, school, or when you are relaxing at home. With tons of flavors, these bold chips feature both spicy and sweet flavors while providing 10 grams of plant-based protein. Containing only 90 calories with each serving, you get plenty of energy to get through the day.

This low-calorie snack contains 10 grams of protein and four grams of fiber. PopCorners Flex Chips are never fried and contain no gluten or GMOs. This is a guilt-free snack that is also Kosher and contains no Trans-fat.


  • These crunchy chips have a nice portion in each bag
  • They are snackable and have a good flavor
  • They are made with plant-based protein


  • These chips taste burnt
  • They contain soy protein

9 NutriWise Protein Potato Chips

NutriWise Protein Potato Chips
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Organically created, Nutriwise Protein Potato Chips are perfect for weight loss and weight management. These protein chips come in several flavors including Sea Salt & Vinegar, Ranch, Pizza, and Barbecue. These healthy and delicious chips are a diet-friendly alternative that will help you forget that you are cutting calories and sugar.

Low in sodium, calories, fat, and sugar, Nutriwise Protein Potato Chips will help to keep you fuller longer. They are both satisfying and tasty allowing you to snack without the guilt. Each pack comes with 10 grams of protein to give you energy throughout your day.

With great tasting flavors, this snack will help to enhance any weight loss program and let you create your own diet regimen. This trusted brand not only helps you achieve your weight loss goals, but allows you to do it in an affordable and tasty way.


  • These are affordable chips that are a great addition to a diet
  • You stay fuller longer after eating them
  • They are low in sugar and calories


  • They are on the expensive side
  • The texture is somewhat like a rice cake

10 Twin Peaks Protein Puffs

Twin Peaks Protein Puffs
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Perfect for any type of diet, Twin Peaks Protein puffs are baked with quality ingredients to give you the best possible puff. Made of real food, this is a great protein source. It features 21 grams of protein in just a cup of puffs.

These nut, soy, potato, and gluten-free puffs are keto-friendly and provide the protein your need to repair and build tissue. Twin Peaks Protein Puffs are free of all the junk you don’t want in a bag of chips. With tons of flavor, this healthy snack is perfect for snacking throughout the day.

Made with a high-quality milk protein isolate, Twin Peaks Protein Puffs feature fewer calories. This is due to the microfiltration the milk protein isolate undergoes to separate the protein from fat and lactose. Don’t rely on protein powder to reach your daily protein goal while these nacho cheese-flavored puffs can give you all the protein you need each day.


  • They are a good source of protein
  • These are a fun puff shape instead of a regular chip
  • They have a lot of great flavors


  • The containers are too small
  • The chips are on the expensive side

Final Thoughts

The winner of the best protein chips roundup is the Quest Chips. According to quest protein chips reviews, these baked chips have a great savory flavor and crunchy texture.

Providing a good amount of protein, these are gluten-free chips made with high-quality milk whey and milk protein isolates. Perfect to take along for lunch or just snack on through the day, the definite winner of the protein chips roundup is the Quest Chips hands down.

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