Nutraburst Multivitamin Detailed Reviews! Is It Worth It?

Nutraburst Multivitamin Detailed Reviews! Is It Worth It?
Alex Platt

01/22/2021 · 8 min reading

These days, everyone is pretty busy making it difficult to get the right amount of nutrients and vitamins into your diet, especially when you are always on the run. Luckily, there are products out there that can supplement your diet to ensure that you get a daily dose of all the minerals and vitamins that are important for you to function.

I get it. Running through the drive-through is so much easier than taking the time to prepare a nutritious lunch. And, how about finding time to eat it? When you have a hectic schedule, you can barely remember to feed the kids.

Well, there’s a solution.

NutraBurst is an easy liquid multivitamin that offers more than your typical multivitamin. Created to supply important vitamins and minerals, this product also detoxes your system and allows your body to operate at maximum efficiency.

Plus, when added to a weight loss plan, it also helps to accelerate your results.

While lots of multivitamins share similar features, it has a few added benefits that help to support these claims. Read on to learn about NutraBurst ingredients, features, benefits, and side effects.

NutraBurst Multivitamin

NutraBurst Multivitamin – Quick Overview

It is a great multivitamin that targets many important areas of your body to improve your overall health. Offering a great detox feature, it also says that it can help with weight loss, however, there isn’t any evidence yet to support these claims.


  • This formula uses a lot of great ingredients
  • This is an easy to take liquid formula
  • You can add it to drinks and food
  • Taking only one tablespoon of this formula is the same as eating ten salads
  • It absorbs very quickly into your body
  • It contains pretty much all the nutrients that your body needs


  • It doesn’t have any definite claims
  • The purpose of the formula isn’t very clear
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What is NutraBurst?

A comprehensive liquid vitamin, it features an all-in-one formula that is a lot more than a multi-vitamin. Providing the essential nutrients everyone needs to perform at their best, this vitamin formula gives you energy and makes you feel great. Including 12 herbs, 13 greens, 19 amino acids, 22 phytonutrients, 10 vitamins, and 72 minerals, it pretty much guarantees something good will happen to your body.

Who is the Manufacturer?

Created by Total Life Changes, or TLC, it is among several products this company designs and produces. Based out of Michigan, TLC is a wellness and health company that was founded in 2002. Company founder Jack Fallon found inspiration in his own health and wellness experiences and was drive to found a company that helps others to feel more energized and healthier. He expanded the company in 2008 and now sells many types of products including eye drops, toothpaste, probiotics, and herbal tea supplements.

How does it work?

On its website, it claims three things:

  1. You will receive the daily dosage of all your vitamins
  2. It will detoxify your system
  3. Your body will perform at its peak thanks to the included 19 amino acids

While there aren’t a lot of details on how it actually works, we do know that the product gives you some of all the minerals and vitamins your body needs daily, which makes it a great daily multi-vitamin. So, as far as overall health, this product will improve many areas of health and body allowing you to feel better and possibly even lose weight.

How to take NutraBurst

How to take It?

It is an oral multivitamin that is safe for the entire family.

You only need one dose a day.

Just mix one tablespoon in with your favorite juice or take it on its own.

That one tablespoon of it is equivalent nutritionally to eating 10 salads.

Also, this liquid formula has a high absorption rate of 98 percent when you compare to the 10 to 20 percent absorption rate seen by tablets and pills.

Who it is for?

It is safe for anyone to use.

It is beneficial to those that need vitamin and nutrients supplements, are on a weight loss plan, or need help detoxing.

This is a particularly useful product for anyone that has a busy lifestyle and can’t always ensure that they are getting all their daily vitamins and minerals.

Nutraburst Weight Loss

When combined with a weight loss plan, NutraBurst Weight Loss is a thing. Since it includes green tea extract, it has an active ingredient that is known for its weight loss benefits.

Plus, receiving all the daily vitamins and nutrients that your body needs each day also helps your body to work more efficiently.

Nutraburst Liquid Multivitamin Features

Thanks to all the vitamins and nutrients that it contains, it does actually work.

However, how well it works depends on the goals that you want to achieve.

If you want an awesome daily vitamin that will help to supplement your body’s nutritional needs, it will do just that.

It also provides a good number of other beneficial ingredients that help to boost the natural processes of your body. The creators of it have focused on the benefits that taking a daily multivitamin can add to a weight loss plan.

When you can’t meet your body’s mineral and vitamin needs, taking a multivitamin can increase your nutrient intake. While this is not a weight loss supplement, you can use it as part of an overall lifestyle program.

Any weight loss plan will have several steps to it that will include making healthy lifestyle choices. Most importantly, a weight loss plan should require getting enough sleep, eating a proper diet, and also engaging in a regular exercise routine.

When you add a this supplement to a weight loss plan, the natural functions of your body will be even more efficient, and your weight loss results will increase.

Benefits of Nutraburst

There are many benefits to taking it, and they aren’t all focused on weight loss.

Taking this supplement helps to ensure that you stay healthy, even more than you would otherwise. This can create a sense of relief for many individuals who are concerned about their daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Other benefits include its ability to improve your absorption rate of vitamins and nutrients as well as other supplementary compounds.

As far as weight loss, there is scientific research that shows that the active ingredients in this supplement are helpful in losing weight. Specifically, green tea extract is known to offer some weight loss benefits when it is included along with a few biomechanism and is a part of a comprehensive weight loss plan.

Green tea extract is a great way to boost your metabolism, and it includes catechins that have been shown to reduce body fat and slim down your stomach area.

Nutraburst ingredients

Nutraburst ingredients

Nutraburst includes five complexes that each have ingredients that are focused on different parts.

Those five complexes are:


Mineral Complex – Over 72 natural minerals that include potassium, cobalt, boron, chromium, magnesium, and calcium. These minerals all play vital roles in the overall health of your body.


Proprietary Herbal Complex – In the herbal complex you will find ingredients such as juniper berry extract, green tea extract, grape seed extract, goldenrod, cranberry, corn silk, bioflavonoids, and Panax ginseng.

Amino Acid Complex – Containing several vital amino acids like threonine, leucine, arginine, serine, and alanine isoleucine, it has an amino acid complex that was designed to provide all the nutrients you need for tissue repair.

Phytonutrients – Containing several ingredients, the phytonutrient blend includes many vegetables and fruits as well as healthy plant enzymes like raspberry, kale, grapefruit, celery, cauliflower, orange, apples, broccoli, and pineapple.

Whole Food Green Blend – A mix of healthy greens like soybean, mung bean, barley malt, spiraling algae, chlorella, wheatgrass, and buckwheat, whole food green blend provides the fiber you need for healthy digestion.

Created to target several health issues at once, it is most effective when used with other TLC supplements like ProZ3, Phyte, and NRG. And, as you can see, containing so many important vitamins and nutrients, it’s almost impossible not to see a benefit in at least one area of your health.

Nutraburst Side Effects

There have been no reported side effects and no evidence of any issues.The most common Nutraburst Side Effects of any liquid multivitamin is indigestion, but there isn’t any evidence of this occurring. Some of the ingredients, like green tea extract, contain caffeine, which can affect anyone sensitive to it.

Where can you buy it?

Available online from third-party sellers or right from a manufacturer’s website, it’s an easy product to find. Currently, it is not available in a physical retail store.

NutraBurst Reviews

Users love the fact that it helps provide more energy while some also noticed a more controlled appetite. Others just felt better overall while a few did notice they lost a few pounds. Not everyone was thrilled with the taste or the price, but most everyone in the NutraBurst reviews were happy with the energy boost they received.

on in November 2016

Would truly buy this product again. It truly works …

“Would truly buy this product again. It truly works and gives me energy. For all those that want to go natural and be healthy, this would be the product.”

Alba Canizalez
on in July 2016

This is the best vitamins I ever had

“This is the best vitamins I ever had, the best part about this product is that CONTROLS MY APPETITE. I love it a lot will continue to purchase this product more ofter. “

Ann Pringle
on in December 2016

Three Stars

“It gives you energy for a moment, but this taste is overpowering.”

Will it Be Good for Me?

For anyone low on energy or needing to lose a few pounds, it offers a healthy energy boost and some users have even seen a difference on the scale or in their appetite.

This liquid vitamin contains a ton of minerals and nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. So, if you don’t have time to eat healthy, it can be a great supplement.

If you are already on a weight loss plan, it can also help make your diet more effective, and it’s also a good choice for anyone going through a detox program thanks to all its included nutrients.

Since it is so full of vitamins and minerals, anyone should find this liquid multivitamin beneficial in some areas of their health.

Nutraburst Multivitamin Detailed Reviews! Is It Worth It?
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