Clear Muscle Review

Clear Muscle Review
Alex Platt

11/05/2020 · 11 min reading

After a decade of going to the gym, I have tried a ton of fat loss supplements, workout supplements, and muscle building supplements. After a lot of trial and error, I have found there are a lot of products on the market that don’t deliver tangible benefits.

But there are a few that do.

Supplements that features natural substances scientifically proven to increase muscle and help your body recover after a workout do exist. It’s important that they are used properly, specifically, as an amplifier to your diet and training regimen instead of as the main game changer.

If you do your research, you are able to find supplements that offer these natural substances in a formula that will aid in muscle building. Don’t waste tons of money on products making huge claims, instead invest it wisely in those with scientific studies that show a direct result to their product.

What to look for in a Muscle Building Supplement

All supplements are intended to supplement a balanced diet. A good diet, no matter how well balanced, will not allow you to achieve muscle growth on its own. A supplement containing whey protein, creatine, and L-glutamine is required to meet the precise conditions and nutritional status that is need to achieve your desired muscle growth.

These big three bodybuilding supplements also need to be found in sufficient amount in the supplement that you are using. You also want to include sufficient quantities of Branch Chain Amino Acids and fish oil, which is an extract from Omega-3 fatty acids. These last two substances are key minerals and vitamins, but they are often lacking in the food we eat.

Since the 1990’s eating the correct nutrients in the right ratios has gained traction. So, with the right supplements, you can build muscle, lose fat, and amplify your performance easily. Plus, you get results that last longer in comparison to the results you see using natural means.

When trying out a supplement, you need to follow the supplement plan for approximately three months before stopping completely for the next three months. At this point, you’ll be able to see what happens and whether that supplement is working for you.

MuscleTech Clear Muscle

Clear Muscle Review

One of the more advanced strength and muscle builders on the market, MuscleTech Clear Muscle uses a revolutionary formula that includes a muscle building compound called BetaTOR. This acid-free mixture uses a cutting-edge derivative of metabolite of leucine and HMB to help you build lean muscle mass, reduce recovery time, and become stronger.

Delivering anabolic power, only two small pills of MuscleTech will give you the same one-gram dose of BetaTOR that you would get in 200 grams of whey protein. With BetaTOR, you can fight catabolism after each dose to achieve incredible muscle building effects. MuscleTech is the first formula to use BetaTOR and feature the free acid qualities of the compound, which allows it dissolve into the bloodstream fast giving you an incredible rate of muscle absorption.


  • It can increase your power and strength
  • This supplement also helps to improve your recovery time
  • It has a potentially high amount of protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown
  • There aren’t any Clear Muscle side effects that have been reported
  • It contains a superior form of HMB


  • Some users have found that the claims are a big exaggerated
  • There isn’t any definitive evidence that HMB can increase your power or strength significantly
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Features & Benefits

With a revolutionary formula, MuscleTech Clear Muscle increases protein synthesis while decreasing muscle breakdown and speeding up recovery time. When you use this supplement, you can train more frequently making it an important part of any workout regimen. This is a great strength and muscle builder for anyone not afraid of pushing the limits.

Designed as a muscle building supplement, Clear Muscle by MuscleTech helps you to build larger muscles by increasing your strength and improving your workout performance while also maximizing your recovery. This is all accomplished by enhancing your body’s protein synthesis and reducing breakdown in muscle protein.

Developed in Canada, MuscleTech is a supplement company that has been creating products since the mid-1990s. A few years ago, it was taken over by a Chinese firm, but MuscleTech is still in product in North America.

In a single pack of MuscleTech, you get 168 liquid capsules. Taking two capsules at each serving will give you enough for 84 servings. It is recommended that you take three servings a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. When you are training, it’s important to schedule these servings approximately 30 minutes before you start to train.

With taking MuscleTech three times a day, or a total of six capsules a day, you will probably have enough MuscleTech in a single pack to last you around four weeks. It’s easy to purchase MuscleTech on Amazon and a variety of websites. It is recommended that you take Clear Muscle for a 12-week cycle, so you will need to purchase three packs to make it through.

Primarily targeted at men, MuscleTech can also be used by women. Men are the primary target since they tend to be more interested in increasing their muscle mass, but there are plenty of women who would also like to see and increase in their performance and strength as well as build bigger muscles.

Created to improve athletic performance and strength, reduce recovery time, and build muscle mass, MuscleTech does not use any anabolic steroids in its formula. The biggest difference between bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids and those that don’t is that an “enhanced” bodybuilder will be able to recover fast, which allows them to train at higher intensities for longer periods of time. Plus, there aren’t any Clear Muscle side effects that have been reported.


  • Enhances strength
  • Builds muscle
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Exclusive use of BetaTOR
  • Provides peak muscle performance

Supplement Facts

Serving Size:
2 Capsules
Serving Per Container:
Amount Per Serving
% DV
(free acid beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate)
† Daily Value not established.
Other ingredients: Choline Chloride, Veggie Capsule (Hypromellose, Water), Silicon Dioxide.

MuscleTech is one of the most advanced supplement choices for muscle building. Using BetaTOR as its exclusive performance ingredient, you get peak recovery and performance. Using no filler, this formula has been tested with over 15 clinically backed studies covering strength and muscle building.

Most of the results that MuscleTech reports come from a 12-week clinical study where participants gained up 16 pounds of lean muscle. This is an extraordinary result that was achieved by athletes that supplements with MuscleTech while in a 12-week training program at the University of Tampa. In comparison, the placebo group only gained 4.6 pounds. Plus, participants that combined one-rep max strength on the deadlift, squat, and bench press dramatically increased over the placebo group.

In addition, MuscleTech also reduces muscle damage after your workout, which can improve your recovery time. Clear Muscle is a great choice for those that want to improve their workout performance as well as increase their muscle mass.

Clear Muscle Review by Users

Users have been thrilled with the large gains they have made in reps and weights as well as how quickly you are able to increase your strength. Other users were thrilled how they were able to reduce their body fat but keep their muscle. Others were thrilled at the results, but weren’t happy with the number of dosages per day or had to eat something before they could take it.

on in June 2018

I have to say this one is amazing. I’ve experienced huge gains in both weight and …

“I’ve been taking this product stacked with several other MuscleTech products. I have to say this one is amazing. I’ve experienced huge gains in both weight and reps while taking this product. If your looking to increase your strength quickly, this is the product for you. It’s not a miracle pill and you will have to put forth an effort, but once I started taking this I was able to jump in weights and reps in a few days. If you follow the plan provided on the website you will see results in just 3 days a week. My current routine is 5-6 days a week and within one week of taking this product stacked with other products I increased 7 lbs. Some may be contributed to creatine and water weight, but with the increase in first week of weights and reps it is also pure muscle weight being added. Great product for the person who wants to put forth the effort in the gym.”

Ancient One
on in November 2018

Good to keep Muscle and lose fat

“I read some university studies with HMB FA on the internet and skeptical about the results. Anyway, I just had bought and completed one bottle and I had the same weight before and after i.e. 165 LBs. I thought I am going nowhere….until I checked my body fat percentage. My Body fat percentage went from 17.5 to 15% during the course of this bottle. I believe, I still have the same weight, because I gained muscle weight and lost fat. I do go to Zym regularly and maintain the caloric deficit.
So, this is so big for me, as I was troubled to reduce my body fat percentage. This is the fastest percentage reduction ever for me. So, Ordered another bottle and if I see the same results (or at least near to it), this supplement will be in my staple forever) “

Chris Sullivan
on in December 2018

Great for Retaining Muscle Mass

“This product was exceptional in assisting me to gain and KEEP muscle mass. In the 3 weeks I’ve used it, I have noticed an increase in my lean muscle mass, just as the product claims. Great product, I only wish it would have fewer dosage amounts as 3x a day is sometimes a hassle.”

Konalta Sanders
on in May 2018

Works Great

“Loved how quickly muscle recovery was. I was able to lift heavier and not be as sore. Only issue I had to eat something before I took pills. I work out early in the morning so this was a challenge.”

Other Muscle Building Supplement



Enhanced using a protease enzyme complex, IsoDrive provides increased anabolic activity and added absorption. With these additional enzymes, IsoDrives aids in breaking protein bonds into smaller particles of amino acids and peptides that are important when you want to build new muscle.

Transferring an impressive amount of amino acids right into your muscle tissue, IsoDrive stimulates muscle building longer, increases nitrogen retention and cell volume, and provides a higher level of muscle recovery after strength training. This supplement has minimal carbohydrates or fat and is one of the highest yielding and fastest absorbing proteins on the market.

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2 Recharge


One of the more popular workout supplements on the market, Recharge uses a formula that features creatine, a molecule in your body that is also found in eggs, fish, and meat. Creatine produces more readily available energy inside muscle cells, which can enhance your workout performance.

Helping to improve your body composition, Recharge will also increase water content in muscle cells allowing them to appear larger. Recharge also has anti-catabolic effects that can help with long-term muscle gain. This is a 100% natural post workout product that is naturally flavored and sweetened that also reduces soreness while boosting strength and muscle gain.

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3 Pulse


Featuring a 100 percent all-natural formula, Pulse is a workout supplement that is naturally flavored and sweetened. Containing a large, but effective dose of caffeine, betaine, nitric oxide, L citrulline malate, L theanine, and beta alanine. Easy to use, this supplement helps to boost focus and energy without giving you an upset stomach, jitters, or that a post-workout crash. Enhancing endurance and strength, this supplement gives you better and bigger pumps, the ability to push more reps and weight, and gain more strength and muscle.

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Final Thoughts

MuscleTech uses a revolutionary formula to make it one of more advanced strength and muscle builders available. Using a muscle building compound called BetaTOR, this acid-free mixture helps you build lean muscle mass, reduce recovery time, and become stronger. With BetaTOR, you can fight catabolism after each dose to achieve incredible muscle building effects, plus it dissolves into the bloodstream fast giving you an incredible rate of muscle absorption.

Anyone looking to reduce muscle damage after your workout while improving your recovery time and workout performance as well as increasing your muscle mass should give MuscleTech a try. Let us know how it works for you in the comment section below.

Clear Muscle Review 
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